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Insurance companies need to maintain financial stability to fulfill their obligations to policyholders.
Senior Life Settlement Advisor

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The team insurance provide organization say our centralized platform work to the planning and monitoring insurance lifecycle.
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Carlos Gutierrez
Owner / President
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my policy worth?

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Policy amounts and payouts differ, making it impossible to set a standard amount. However Life Insurance Settlements Inc represents you in this transaction to ensure that you receive the highest possible settlement.

How long does it take to get the funds from my policy?

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Funds are released from escrow within 72 hours of the buyer’s receipt of confirmation of change of ownership and beneficiary rights from the insurance company.

Do I qualify for a life settlement if I have a terminal or catastrophic illness?

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Yes, terminally ill individuals are typically well-qualified for life settlements (also known as “viatical settlements”). We have been very successful in obtaining outstanding results for individuals living with terminal illnesses.

How am I protected and do I have to pay anything upfront?

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There are no out of pocket costs when we work with you and you have no obligation to sell your policy or to accept any offer. A third party escrow company is used in every transaction and we work with only the most reputable licensed companies in the industry.

Will my privacy be protected?

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Absolutely. Our privacy policy ensures that your identity is never revealed to anyone without your consent.

Who should consider a life settlement?

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Anyone over age 65 or who is living with a serious illness that no longer needs their life insurance policy.

Is a life settlement legal?

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Yes. According to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling stretching back almost a century, a life insurance policy is considered your personal property. You can sell it, trade it, or give it away. Your insurance company generally has no right to block or question your assignment of policy rights.

Wouldn't it be easier to return my policy for the surrender amount?

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This can be a costly decision. Generally speaking, the surrender amount is a fraction of what we can sell it for in a life settlement.

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